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The person who asks, "What sort of place is North Dakota? He may be told vaguely, "It's out West somewhere," or more specifically, "North Dakota is a wheat State," or "Isn't that where the farmers have this Nonpartisan League? This is a young State. Ruts left by the wagon trains of early explorers, military expeditions, and home seekers have not yet been effaced from the prairies.

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In the Pembina Mountains and the Sheyenne Valley, Sexy Women in Craigmont ID. Adult Dating these rocks appear at the surface, they have yielded shells of lamellibranchs ancestors of today's clams and oysters and bones of great sharklike fish. It will be noted that nearly all except the Arikara seem to have come from the east, particularly from the Lakes region, with the added suggestion of an earlier residence farther east or south.

Through the Red River Valley the lake left a fine claylike silt 20 to 30 feet deep. The purpose of these crude outlines on the prairie is not definitely known. The Sioux apparently once lived in the Ohio Valley, but prior to the historic period they moved out in several directions. The Missouri Escarpment, rising to feet above the Drift Prairie and cutting across the State diagonally in a northwest-southeast direction, marks the rise of the third surface-step, the Missouri Plateau, which extends west to the Rocky Mountains.

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Very probably, in long hunts after game, parties of these men penetrated what is now North Dakota. This [Pg 12] claylike mineral is used as a binding agent and filler in many commercial processes, such as the manufacture of soaps, paints, and cosmetics. Productive soil and ground water, closely allied resources, are North Dakota's greatest assets. Their exact origin is not clear.

Others claim they were made to point the weary Indian to good water—a theory which may also apply to a of the cairns occasionally seen piled on the tops of high hills.

In the Badlands grow the rabbit brush, butte primrose, false-lupine, and prickly pear, and the scoria lily which resembles a thistle Faego the day and opens its fragile, waxy petals only after the sun has gone down. They cultivated maize and were apparently more or less at peace with the Sioux until in the early eighteenth century the coming of the whites brought them firearms. They have a tradition that they originally came from a large lake to the east, possibly Devils Lake.

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The Wisconsin glacier and Lake Agassiz are largely responsible for the fertile soils that cover three-fifths of the State's surface. Many rivers flowing into the prehistoric seas brought mud and clay to mix with the soils of the sea bottom, forming the shales that today underlie most of the Great Plains, including North Dakota.

Fat women in Fargo North Dakota

Fargo's surrounding Red River Valley terrain is essentially flat, leading to overland flooding. Two beds in the Dickinson vicinity, each containing approximately 29 million cubic yards, yield the finest clays in the State. South of these hills the rise Frago less pronounced except at the southern end, where the hills again become prominent to merge with the Coteau des Prairies, an escarpment lying chiefly in South Dakota.

Game birds abound in this region, however, and with the restoration of their breeding places they are now being propagated in huge s on the many reserves. A trace of the Rocky Mountain type of forest is found in the Badlands and on the buttes of the Little Missouri, where the yellow pine and red cedar grow. Largest of these grotesque creatures was the brontosaurus, with his long snakelike neck and face and huge body.

Boating babes needed the turtle plays a prominent part in medicine ceremonies of the Mandan Indians, some think the turtle effigies were made to win the favor of certain spirits. The older type appears to have had better fortifications than the newer, and the lodges do not seem to have been so crowded.

The Chippewa, however, were not strictly nomadic, as they had more or less permanent camping places, where they built their distinctive bark shelters.

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In the Red River Valley and the central prairies of the State, once the scene of buffalo hunts, very little large game is found today. Hundreds of varieties of fossil plants and shells are embedded in the sandstone, limestone, and shale which the sea deposited on the uneven surface of the then-existent crystalline rocks. Sod houses and barns and frame homes and windmills set their seal on the prairies.

Fat women in Fargo North Dakota

The sections of the Farrgo vary more in the matter of precipitation than in any other climatic phase. Eventually this glacier, too, melted and receded, leaving a great lake about feet deep, nearly miles long, and miles wide, with an area of not less thansquare miles, including the region now known as the Red River Valley.

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North Dakota is situated in wimen temperate region of moderate rainfall, and owing to its position in the center of the North American Interior Plains it has a typically continental climate. Grass-grown sites of their old villages along the benchland of the river show how these people, in quest of a new and more satisfactory home, moved northward in successive migrations Webcam Earlville s in time they arrived at the mouth of the Heart River in the neighborhood of present Mandan and Bismarck.

The showy oxeye or [Pg 14] false-sunflower, the flaming prairie mallow, wild blue and yellow flax, the vivid flame lily, the purple coneflower, DDakota the black-eyed Susan emblazon the summer fields.

Fat women in Fargo North Dakota

Near the close of the Mesozoic era, the climate of North Dakota became warmer, almost like that of the South Atlantic States. In those fledgling days, the land was rich with promise. Nortth with him for supremacy of the swamps was the armored stegosaurus, whose row of vertical plates along his backbone from head to tip of tail made him a formidable enemy.

Fat women in Fargo North Dakota

Animal life zones in the State are more marked than are plant life zones. The North Dakota Agricultural College was founded in as North Dakota 's land-grant universitybecoming first accredited by the North Central Association in The word spread, and from Europe and the eastern States came men and women to break the new soil. The extensive mounds Farggo earthworks found in the eastern half of North Dakota have been only imperfectly investigated so far, partly because archeologists have but recently recognized the possibilities Daiota the area.

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Fierce wintry storms took their toll of the mammoths, rhinoceroses, and reindeer living upon the tundras. The artesian basin on the southern border of the State and extending into South Dakota has been deated by a Federal authority as the most important in America and probably in the world. Arikara sites predominate lower down the Missouri in South Dakota; the older Mandan—perhaps constructed as early as —in the Heart River region; and the Hidatsa, farther north near the Knife River.

Fat women in Fargo North Dakota