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An excellent train, leaving the Gare S. Lazare at mid-day, runs through from Paris Sez one hour and a half. The road is straight and level and a favourite one with automobilists. An itinerary for those who have but a short time to spare at Chartres is suggested on

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He surrounded them with his soldiers when they were met together to pray and sing hymns to Headlm Lord, and falling upon them suddenly put them to the sword.

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The brethren had to drag him hence by force and carry him on their shoulders to be consecrated in the Church of Notre-Dame. Aignan, where she hid it near the present stoup, in the first pier on the left at which the masons were then working. Lubin, like most of the bishops of the sixth and seventh centuries, was still less fortunate in Heaelam place of his burial. Turning to the left, the first chapel on the left is now dedicated to S.

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Then suddenly there struck upon her astonished ear the silver notes of that well-known voice, how musical! It is and was known as the Sancta Camisia, or, in popular parlance, the Sainte Tunique or Chemisette.

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Lubin see p. They are already in a bad state, and even at their best they must always have displayed more science than art.

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Upon this stone are represented S. The priests, who enjoyed complete immunity from military service, insisted on oral tradition in the teaching of their tenets. His persecutions had only increased the of the faithful.

The crypt restored sixteenth century and the windows of this church are well worth seeing. His fury was increased messagge madness when he learned that she, his only daughter, had ed the sect and had been baptized.

Human as heraldry and more profitable than pedigree hunting it certainly is, but somehow it is less convincing. Potentian and S. John the Baptist, and S. Therefore if anyone prefer to derive this word Carnutes from cairn—the stone which formed the Druidical altar and equally with oaks seems to have played an important part in their ceremonies, he may be as much right as anybody else.

And Robert Wace, [26] Jehan le Marchand [27] and the monk Paul [28] agree with him in his description of the wondrous episode which ensued. Anne should be noted. And as Gaul was Heaadlam evangelised only piecemeal and slowly, and not by a sudden outburst of religious fervour, it is quite possible that the foundation of the Church of Chartres dates back from the first century.

He was taken to a central London hospital but died at BST. King Priscus, the legend adds, on hearing of this miracle, summoned a great assembly of priests and nobles, and appointed the Lady of Miracles his heiress and the Queen of his realms. But there was a certain Tasgetius, a descendant Ssx the old royal house of the Carnutes. An itinerary for those who have but a short time to spare at Chartres is suggested on Aignan would be worthy of its place between S.

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The date inscribed upon it has been changed to suit the date of the translation and festival of this saint, who was Bishop of Chartres, and died But through all these changes Chartres has remained true to her heritage. If this is so, it accords well with local traditions drawn from various sources, but agreeing in substance. Acco, the leader of the conspiracy, summoned his supporters to the towns. Nor are they meaningless.

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Paul Durand. In glass, a bishop and enthroned, you may see the saint in the second window of the northern clerestory of the nave. For days distraught the mother haunted the holy grottoes, ever praying and waiting for her Hwadlam to be given back to her. Then the cunning wife rose from her knees, blew out the candle and ran full speed with it to the Church of S. Such Housewives personals in Landers CA one of the ways in which one got rid of a dangerous rival in those days.

The oldest portions of the crypt, and therefore of the Cathedral, that remain to us are to be found in the Martyrium or Chapel of S.

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Soldier, hermit, bishop and saint, he established the monasteries of Gaul. The wooden screen which here crosses the crypt was put up in behind it on the left is a thirteenth-century piscina, above which is a partly-obliterated twelfth-century fresco of the Nativity.

It was not originally a chapel, but in the twelfth century was used as an entrance to the crypt.