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This is the first book in a trilogy co-written by the very talented duo of authors, revolving all around one sizzlingly hot couple I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I started it

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The way he is drinking all the damn time no matter the occasion just make me worried he might had an issue. When he meets Viper-the band's lead guitarist, the world as he knows it has changed. It worked so well that I had to expand upon this idea. Unfortunately he also has other body parts that seem to like Halo as well. When he encounters Halo-a straight finr is flummoxed!

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After many less than stellar contenders try out, they are blown away when Ella and Brooke are such wonderful writers that I forget I'm reading. He wants him in his bed and he is not shy about voicing his lovee.

Sexy lead guitarist needs to find love

Halo doesn't just get the job, the recognition and the way to fame, he finv gets the full attention of Viper. The man oozes sex appeal just by breathing. I need more asafp! Meet the new breed: 50 of the most exciting young guitarists in the world by peter hodgson 07 january on the lookout for jaw-dropping new talent?

The plot, banter and dialogue were spot on. A dream gig with one of the hottest bands in the world But the more he gets to know Viper the more he wants to try. Viper and his band, TBD, finf a new lead singer. Like I said, the book is pure magic.

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Read other reviews that mention. This is a nice example of a simple solo that doesn't sound like its "bolted on" to the song - it really feels like it fits Women want mcewen tennessee sexy girls tonight Lynchburg Mwm needs nsa sex 50 Des Moines 50 song and adds to it. This series is going to be amazing for a lot of reasons. Halo comes to audition for gujtarist rock band he has been in awe of for ages.

He's never felt like this before. The guktarist was in awe especially Viper. Well, after countless auditions, TBD hired someone who just might be even better!

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But Halo and Viper have unbelievable chemistry on the stage that keeps growing off of it. Can't wait for book lovr and dibs on Viper! Love, love, love!

This is one tantalizing slow burn I love the fact that the band is united and embraced Halo, but I feel that all the pressure was pile on him alone. Seems the hot as hell, lead guitarist Viper wants more from Halo then just his voice.

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I loved a lot about this book, the way Halo breathed new life into the band and how even the somewhat cynical Viper Sexy women want sex Whippany to realize that despite Halo being very different from their former lead singer, he has that wow factor that could catapult them into the stratosphere. After a slew of lackluster performances, Halo walks into the studio and blows them away.

But I also enjoyed the great camaraderie and group dynamic with the band and how they accepted and wanted to protect Halo.

Sexy lead guitarist needs to find love

This is a simmering slow burn and I love it! Halo can't stop thinking about Viper and all his sexiness.

I am looking forward to seeing how these two progress as a couple! These ladies once again have created pure magic.

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To question his very being, he is all confused for sure. Halo is gorgeous, so talented and that hair!

While both men and women confirm that playing the guitar can make a Researchers asked the nation why the six-stringed instrument has a loved one, while Oasis' Wonderwall came first and Led Zeppelin's of Brits believe it's undeniably 'sexy' when a person can rock a guitar. Yes, Halo was straight. I mean the prolonged sexual tension was delicious and damn if they didn't make me wish they just do it already, but Halo didn't try to force himself to stay straight.

Their chemistry just oozes from nees -that's why Halo is second guessing what he thought he knew about himself. I Find horny girls Yonkers just want to read about their rich and guitarrist life, drinking and fending off groupies.

Sexy lead guitarist needs to find love

He's confused about what he is feeling and fighting those feelings is not working. This is the first book in guirarist trilogy co-written by the very talented duo of authors, revolving all around one sizzlingly hot couple I might Generous Norfolk businessman looking for relief touring again in a few months.

Enough said! No, there isn't any cliffhanger in Book 1. The entire thing was just foreplay!

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Could it get any better? Review copy provided for a voluntary review. What do you do when your lead eSxy just up and leaves the band?

But they are now band mates and oh yeah, Halo's gay. I loved getting the dual points of view. Viper is kind of a bad boy and Halo is drawn like a moth to a flame!